World of Ad Trafficking

Online marketing offers the richest targeting opportunities of any media. It can be the sum of all other channels, blending the profiling of direct mail with the immediacy of broadcast media, the accountability of direct marketing and the video formats of television. Yet turning those promises into live campaigns all sits on the shoulders of the ad traffic teams. Among agencies and publisher owners, a group of “Ad operations” executives is critical. They have responsibility for the scheduling and management of campaigns, watching their performance, and fine-tuning the campaign while it runs.

Ad operations as a function at top-level look pretty straight forward though there are critical steps you have to keep in mind for the multiple campaigns you manage to meet KPI & yes, yield positive ROI on advertiser/agency spend.

  1. Setting out your objectives – what do you really want to achieve?
  2. The key steps in the trafficking chain – what you need to do and when – set up in server and tagging at the top level.
  3. Segmentation and targeting – what’s on offer today and what’s coming (Planning for effective execution)
  4. Formats and creative– what to look out for (understanding tags and creative delivery process)
  5. Accountability and reporting – smart techniques for effective optimizations

Advertising trafficking skills are critical and as the complexity of online media schedules grows, so too does the need for publishers and agencies to invest in their traffic management teams. Without effective trafficking, online campaigns can never be delivered, and it’s clear that the weight on trafficking teams will continue to grow. Advertising traffic teams needs to keep up to speed with the latest developments and understand how they impact their work. Hence, we need to keep on building the skills in this ever-changing domain. Neglecting to invest in traffic functions – results in risking the success of the whole advertising campaign.

Advertising trafficking is a critical link in every online campaign. The workflow is more complex than that of any other media and the pace of change continues to be rapid. Ad ops teams are being asked to deliver campaigns with incredible targeting, handle complex ad formats, forecast inventory, and build a workflow in companies where this is all entirely new.

Our focus has been on providing operational support to publishers, agencies, and other Adtech companies. Over the years working with multiple clients we have learned that aligning the highly skilled campaign managers helps not only with the campaign execution but also helps the Ad sales executives to focus solely on selling. We have seen sales and ops synergy in achieving higher goals. Ad Operations Team are in true sense the revenue delivery teams a lot depends on them to protect the revenue that’s booked.

Let’s connect if you foresee an opportunity for us to help you – otherwise, too we can have the conversation, share experiences, and learn collectively.

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