Brand safety is defined as keeping a brand’s reputation safe when they advertise online. In practice, this means avoiding placing ads next to inappropriate content. – (IAB)
If your organization needs a managed service center for quality assurance, we can help manage projects – testing apps, ad products, websites for all devices. Our services are available round the clock and our experienced team members will be at your service, for all your needs on information and support.
The process and controls are implemented to protect advertisers from having their ads appear alongside content that could damage their brand or reputation. Few measures we take to keep a Brand safe:
  • Before onboarding any publisher, we run through a process of running the website through some on the server to know the score of the website. i.e using IAS or DV.
  • Once the sites are approved, sites are good to go be part of the Publisher onboarding process.
  • We also review sites, OTT & CTV apps Manually for better control of your inventory. This process helps clients to keep their sites clear and legit for their visitors.